Is A Heat Pump Hot Water System Worth Getting?

Many Aussies make the mistake of underestimating heat pump hot water systems when looking to upgrade or replace their old water heater.

But, when installed by experienced specialists, they can reduce your water heating costs by 60-70%! This makes heat pump water heaters almost three times more energy-efficient than conventional electric or gas water heaters.

The best part? They work by drawing heat from the air around them, meaning that, come rain or shine, you’ll always have hot water.

What You’ll Enjoy

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are far more efficient than conventional electric storage or LP gas. They extract heat from the air around them, rather than burning energy or creating it through combustion.

With only a minuscule amount of electricity needed for the compressor and non-toxic refrigerants, you’re looking at a reduced carbon footprint too!

Significant Savings

Thanks to their energy efficiency and use of recycled heat, you’ll enjoy reduced monthly energy bills and running costs!

After reading this, you’re likely already sold. But it’s important to do your homework to make sure you choose the right heat pump for your needs.

What You Need To Look For 

To help you make an informed decision, here are some things you should consider when browsing:

  • Is there a warranty? How many years does it cover you?
  • What type of refrigerant does the system use?
  • Will you need to use a type of electricity element as a backup?
  • Does the system come with a timer and controller?

Will My Heat Pump Work In Cold Weather?

For extreme climates, where winters are unbearable, a backup heat source may be needed. Turning on a booster element will do the trick!

Fortunately, this isn’t something you need to worry about. Us West Aussies enjoy simmering summers and mild winters, perfectly suited for heat pump water heaters.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure you’re already itching to get your hands on a heat pump for your hot water system. The savings and unrivalled energy efficiency throughout the seasons are just too tempting to ignore. In short, they are worth it! Especially considering how easy it is to convert your current heating system to a Heat Pump system.

Luckily, Kalamunda Plumbing specialises in all manner of hot water systems, including heat pumps! We’ll assess your current hot water needs and recommend the right heat pump for your property. We even supply and install the highly coveted Enviroheat heat pump water heater!

Whether you need inspections, installations, or just some friendly expert advice, call us! We’ve got the expertise needed to exceed your expectations.

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