“How long should this last?”

Do you get asked that question as often as we do?  Even if it’s just once in a while, “this” probably covers a pretty wide gamut, from fridges to used cars, appliances, head colds, marriages, and who knows what else.

In our case, “this” often refers to a new water heater.  Unfortunately, the best we can come up with are the following average life expectancies:

Is that the end of the story? Of course not…what kind of blog would that be?!

You see, averages are so named because so many factors influence the final outcome.  For starters, we’re talking about the quality of the water heater itself. The skill, knowledge and experience of the installer. The parts and materials used during the installation. And the advice you receive prior to your purchase to help you’re getting the right system for you home, family and budget.

Is your family small or large?  How many showers do you take a day?  How often do you wash clothes or run your dishwasher?  Do you have an outdoor hot water shower? All these and other home usage factors must be factored into the longevity equation.

Water Heater Preventive Maintenance

Annual maintenance is another key factor in determining how long your water heater will serve your family’s needs. With a qualified and licensed plumber looking after your system, performance and safety factors will be enhanced, the tank can be flushed and refilled as needed, and small issues can be resolved before larger problems occur.

Here at Kalamunda Plumbing, we offer you the best of all worlds:  new system installation, ongoing maintenance, and high-quality repair work.  Plus, we’re solar water heater specialists.  No matter what your current hot water need might be, contact Kalamunda Plumbing for prompt and dependable service, including our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Discovering that your water is leaking should not be cause for worry.  It should, however concern you and motivate you to investigate the source of the problem. Whatever it is, it needs to be corrected to prevent damage to floors and personal belongings.

If you’re inclined to play water heater detective on your own, be sure to shut off the cold- water and, if appropriate, gas supply line. You also need to shut off the electrical power supply no matter what type of system you own. If you don’t feel comfortable with any of this or proceeding any further, Kalamunda Plumbing will be glad to help.

Now let’s examine the three most likely reasons for your water heater storage tank system to leak. 

Water Heater Leaking from the Top

This is by far the best-case scenario for a water heater leak. What’s leaking is either the cold-water line feeding the system or the hot-water line that delivers the water to your house.  The solution can be as simple as tightening the connection. Or, the water shut-off valve might be source which also can be tightened.  If neither approach works, you might need to have the valve or gas piping repaired or replaced.

Water Heater Leaking from the Bottom

If your leak is coming from the drain valve, the valve might need to be replaced…a simple enough fix. However, if your water heater is leaking from the tank, you might need to replace the system.  

Water Heater Leaking from the Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve

Check your owner’s manual to determine where this valve is located. This valve allows for the release of extreme heat and pressure as a safety measure. When it becomes necessary for the valve to trigger, the valve can leak from mineral build-up in your water supply.  Or, if you have an older system, the cause could be “old age.”

No matter the source of your water heater leak, you can count on Kalamunda Plumbing to precisely diagnose the source and extent of the problem…and to do whatever is necessary to resolve it.  Contact us today or anytime for water heater and all other plumbing service and repair needs.

When looking for a fun way to pass some time, chances are a cold shower isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  Truth is, most people find them downright painful.

But before you abandon the idea completely, consider the fact that an occasional cold shower can be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.

Here’s why:

Increased alertness

A cold shower puts you more in touch with your surroundings at tasks at hand.  Your concentration will improve and so will your mental alertness.

Smoother Skin

While most people find a warm shower to be relaxing, it also can dry out your skin.  That’s especially problematic during the fall and winter when you have the heat on and your skin already is dry.  By contrast, cold water closes pores to make your skin and hair feel extra smooth.

Improved Circulation

Cold water lowers your core body temperature which, in turn, can lower your blood pressure, increase blood flow to organs, and enhance your immune system.

Relief from Depression

The increase in electromagnetic energy in the slightly chilled body increases the number of endorphins and other chemicals in the body.  As a result, the brain is better able to uptake the body’s natural anti-depressant defense mechanisms.

Weight Loss

When the body’s core temperature drops, it puts in overtime to warm it back up. That increases your rate of metabolism and the number of calories burned. Shivering is another way to shed calories.

A Better Night’s Sleep 

A warm bath can be the perfect segue to a great night’s sleep, but the same can be said of a cold shower.  The latter signals your brain it’s time for sleep by reducing your core body temperature. It also improves your ability to stay asleep.

Even if you were to take one cold shower a day, you’d still have ample need for hot water. That’s where we come in. For preventive maintenance, high-quality repair work, or a new hot water system, contact Kalamunda Plumbing Group now or anytime the need arises.

If you’re thinking about switching to a solar water heater, it’s easy to think of it as a still-emerging technology, and yet that’s hardly the case. Solar water heating now has a 50-plus-year track record of practical application, and yet improvement are still being made to help you maximize water heating efficiency and energy conservation.

One recent advancement in solar technology is the evacuated tube thermal collector. As their name suggest, each tube contains a vacuum between two glass layers that insulate against heat loss. Over time, evacuated tube collectors have steadily grown in popularity due in large part to reduced manufacturing costs, exceptional performance in all seasons and, to home many a home owner’s delight, their attractive appearance.

When compared to more traditional flat plate collectors, here are several advantages offered by evacuated tube collectors:

Bottom line, when you convert from electric to solar hot water, you can look forward to reducing your electric bill by up to 80%. Contact Kalamunda Hot Water today to learn more about switching to a solar or heat pump water heater, and to receive a free estimate on the replacement system best suited for you home and budget.

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