Offering a Full Range of Plumbing Services for Guildford and Surrounding Areas

For all the good that plumbing does in your life, it can also be a real pain in the neck when something goes wrong. In fact, it’s the sudden realisation that plumbing CAN’T be taken for granted that causes such worry any time a problem presents itself.

But have you realised that most plumbing problems can be prevented through scheduled annual maintenance? Here at Kalamunda Plumbing, maintenance is one of the most valuable and low-cost services we provide, and one we recommend to all of our customers.

And if you’ve already got a plumbing issue on your hands and your biggest concern is getting that resolved, we can also help. With a history of service dating back to 1954, you’ll find our local plumbers in Guildford more than up to the challenge.

Whatever the problem might be, we fix it right the first time so there doesn’t have to be a second. We also guarantee 100% satisfaction…yes, we’re that confident, and yes, you’re that important to us.

Prompt and Reliable Plumbing Solutions for Guildford Homes and Businesses

Our plumbers are known for providing high-quality plumbing installations and repairs for all new and old builds in Guildford. From gas fitting and hot water system installations to bathroom and kitchen renovations, general plumbing maintenance, and after-hours plumbing emergencies, our team demonstrates the highest level of workmanship every time you hire us for a project, no matter how big or small.

Not only do we service residential and commercial properties, but our plumbing services are also well-regarded among prominent building and construction firms across Guildford.

Whether you are building a new home, or want to give your kitchen or bathroom a facelift, hiring our plumbers can prove to be the best decision you have ever made.

Prompt and Reliable Plumbing Solutions for Guildford Homes and Businesses

We have hundreds of drain cleaning customers in Guildford who have at least two things in common. First, they made the mistake of hiring someone else before contacting us. Second, after hiring us just once, they haven’t thought of calling anyone else again.

That’s because we know sewer and drain cleaning inside and out. Even better, we have all the tools, equipment, and experience to tackle even the toughest of jobs. Here’s just some of what we have to offer:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain repair & replacement
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Sewer repair & replacement
  • High-speed water jetting to break up the stubborn blockages
  • Pipe relining
  • Tree root removal from underground drain pipes

We also have our own in-line video cameras, enabling us to pinpoint the exact location and extent of the sewer or drain blockage. This helps save us time, and that saves you money.

Have a sewer or drain problem now? Give us a call, and our plumbers in South Guildford will make the problem disappear: guaranteed.

Water Heater Installation and Repair Services Guildford


Making sure you have a steady and reliable supply of hot water is another speciality of Kalamunda Plumbing.

For starters, we provide ongoing maintenance and precision repair work for all makes and models of water heaters. Our hot water system experts offer same-day repairs and replacements for your faulty water heaters, thanks to our fully stocked vans and state-of-the-art plumbing equipment.

We also supply and install new hot water systems for your home or business, including solar, gas, electric and heat pumps!

Plus, with your purchase of a new and fully-installed water heater, we’ll provide free annual safety inspections and maintenance. We also offer new system financing and assistance in obtaining government rebates should you opt for solar.

Water Filtration Services in Guildford

Are you buying bottled water on a daily basis?

We can supply and install a water filtration system for your residential or commercial property in Guildford, giving you access to clean and safe drinking water right in your kitchen.

You can call our plumber in Guildford to discuss filtered water requirements, so he can recommend a water filter according to your needs and budget, such as:

  • Taqua built-in water filtration tap
  • Counter-top water filter
  • Whole-home water filtration system
  • Under-the-sink water filter

Call us for a free water filter installation quote today.

General Plumbing Services Guildford

You cannot claim to own a well-maintained property if you have rusty taps, dripping faucets or running toilets. While these problems might appear minor at first, they are sure to cause you inconvenience and embarrassment in front of your guests.

Our highly-skilled plumbers offer a full range of general plumbing services in Guildford, bringing you convenience and complete peace of mind. We can:

  • Repair or replace your leaky plumbing fixtures
  • Install thermostatic mixing valves
  • Fix your running toilets
  • Clean your drains
  • Service your hot water systems
  • Test the water pressure in your showers and taps

Get Your Plumbing Problems Resolved Fast with 24/7 Emergency Plumbers in Guildford

Plumbing emergencies often arise out of nowhere and neglecting them can only make the situation worse. Our emergency plumbers in Guildford ensure a swift response whether it’s midnight, weekend or a public holiday, saving your property from structural damage and costly repairs.

The best part is, there are no hidden or extra charges for emergency plumbing work, and a qualified plumber is always by your side, 24/7, 365 days a year.

We offer reliable solutions for any and every plumbing emergency, preventing it from escalating due to negligence or mishandling.

  • Burst pipes
  • Water leaks
  • Gas leaks and carbon monoxide testing
  • Blocked kitchen or toilet drains
  • Water heater repairs
  • Sewer backup

Reach out to us for a 24-hour plumber in Guildford, and we will send a qualified plumber to your doorstep within an hour.

Traits That Make Us the Trusted Local Plumbers in Guildford

  • Honest and upfront pricing
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Well-stocked trucks to help us complete most jobs in just one visit
  • Industry compliance guaranteed
  • Ongoing training for every member of our team
  • Award-winning service
  • Locally owned and operated business

To learn more about our plumbing services in Guildford, feel free to call us at (08) 6245 8600 today. Our customer support representative will be more than happy to answer your queries.


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  • Guaranteed upfront price quotes
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Well-stocked trucks to help us complete most jobs in just one visit
  • Background checks on all prospective employees
  • Kalamunda Plumbing is a drug-free company
  • Ongoing training and development for every member or our team
  • Award winning service


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