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Servicing Perth's Hills and Eastern Suburbs, Kalamunda Plumbing installs heat pump hot water systems and offers free annual inspections of all hot water systems we install.

Reduce Your Energy Costs Up To 80% By Replacing Your Old System With The Latest Heat Pump Technology


Are you looking for an energy-efficient hot water system that’s cost-effective and low maintenance? Then a heat pump hot water system may be the answer for you!

At Kalamunda Plumbing, we’ve been installing and replacing heat pump systems across Perth Hills and surrounding suburbs for over 3 decades. Our experienced hot water plumbers access your hot water requirements to recommend the best heat pump system for you.

We install and replace Enviroheat, Rheem, and Reclaim heat pumps, and stand by our workmanship. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we offer 6-year workmanship guarantee on ALL of our heat pump installations. Not only that, we offer a free annual inspection of all the hot water systems we install!

We are your reliable local plumbers for providing heat pump water system sales and installation services. Whether you want to replace an old water heater that's at the end of its life, or install one in your new home or business - we're here to help.

Industry leaders since 1954, we strive for a tradition of customer service excellence.

What Is A Heat Pump?


Unlike conventional water heaters, heat pump hot water systems do not generate heat. They absorb heat from the environment to warm the water and move it to the water tank. This sustainable system makes them both low-cost to run and eco-friendly.

How Do Heat Pump Water Systems Work?

Heat pumps work by drawing heat from the surrounding environment through a fan and then passing it into an evaporator containing a liquid refrigerant. When the hot air comes in contact with the refrigerant, it turns the heat energy into a gas. The gas is then compressed and transferred via a heat exchanger to an insulated storage tank.

By using minimal electricity to power the compressor and the refrigerant cycle, you get the convenience of year-round hot water without the hefty bills and harmful fuel emissions.

What Makes A Heat Pump Hot Water System The Best Choice For Your Home?

Heat pump hot water systems are three times more energy efficient than conventional electric or LPG water heaters. They provide a power saving of over 70% to heat water volume, lowering costs and carbon emissions.

Heat pump hot water heaters offer incredible value for money, having a lifespan of over 20 years and low operational costs. They work all year round, under extreme weather conditions, and are well suited for the hot Western Australia climate.

Heat pumps are also an ideal complement to solar energy systems. You can combine an electric hot water heat pump with your solar system to use green energy as the power source and save on power bills. Solar hot water heat pump systems also make you eligible for government incentives - bringing down the heat pump system installation and purchase costs and protecting against future hikes in electricity and fuel prices.


Additional Benefits Of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Include:

  • No need to rely on direct sunlight to heat water
  • Highly efficient with savings of over 70%
  • Eco Power Options
  • Smart Vacation Mode
  • Smart Boost
  • Overheat Proof
  • Low Noise
  • Legionella Proof
  • And are an ideal upgrade from an electric or LPG storage water heater

Hot Water Heat Pump Brands We Offer

At Kalamunda Plumbing, we supply and install the best hot water heat pump systems in Australia. These systems provide maximum energy savings with optimum functionality and ease of use.


The Enviroheat pump systems offer up to 71% energy savings and come with a 5-year replacement warranty. They have an array of useful features, such as 2 automatic timers to maximise efficiency with solar and rapid power boosts for faster heating. The Enviroheat pump allows up to 18kw of heat in a single Enviro tank with water sanitisation features to protect against bacteria.

100% Australian-owned and with smart controls for easy usage, UV and anti-freeze protection.


Reclaim heat pump systems save you up to 80% on your water bill, with an energy output that’s almost 3 to 5 times higher than the electricity input needed to run it. Using heat from its surroundings, they provide an average daily consumption of 3 kWh. Reclaim hot water heat pumps are solar compatible with smart controls and built-in frost protection with no need for an electrical backup in even -10 °C temperatures.

Australian-made and owned with a 15-year warranty on a marine-grade steel tank.

Rheem Ambiheat

Perfect for areas where traditional solar water heating options are not available, Rheem Ambiheat hot water heat pumps heat water by drawing it from the air. They have an advanced wrap-around micro heating technology for superior performance. You can save up to 68% on water bills with a 7-year cylinder warranty.

With an LED display and a user-friendly touch screen, the Australian-made Rheem Ambiheat comes with a backup heating element and smart activation to monitor your hot water output.

Local Heat Pump Specialists Servicing Perth Hills And Surrounding Suburbs

Looking for expert heat pump hot water services near you?

Kalamunda Plumbing specialises in the sales and installation of all types of hot water systems, including heat pumps and solar hot water systems. Our heat pump experts work with you to understand your hot water needs and recommend a cost-efficient and sustainable system, accordingly. After you purchase the heat pump, we install it where it will be most energy efficient in your home or business.

Contact us for an appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are heat pump water heaters expensive to run?

No. They operate on electricity but are roughly three times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater (or storage LPG water heater). If your home or business is fitted with solar energy panels, it’s entirely possible they would be able to produce enough electricity to run your heat pump in its entirety, depending on the size of the solar array (and the heat-pump-timer setting), thereby giving you free hot water.  

2. Can a heat pump hot water system be used in colder climates?

Yes, a heat pump hot water system can be used in colder climates, including within Perth’s hills, where temperatures can drop below - C. Some models are designed to work in temperatures as low as -15°C.

3. Do heat pumps make water hot enough?

Yes, heat pump hot water systems are designed to heat water to the same temperature as traditional electric or gas hot water systems. The temperature of the water can be adjusted to suit individual preferences, and many heat pump hot water systems have a temperature control feature that allows you to set the temperature of the water to your desired level.

4. How do heat pumps know when to turn off?

Modern heat pump water heaters are fitted with a thermostat and a timer that controls when a heat pump should turn off and on. Some models may even be fitted with smartphone app and Wi-Fi connectivity (availability varies by brand and model) to remotely monitor performance, change temperatures, and engage vacation mode. Gas or electric water heaters can’t do that.

5. Are we eligible for a rebate if we purchase a heat pump for our home or business?

Yes. The solar rebate financial incentive known as STC’s (Small-scale Technology Certificates) also covers heat pump water heaters. STCs subsidise the upfront cost of installing heat pump water heaters. The value of an STC depends on market conditions (trading price) at any given time.

6. Do you install heat pumps?

Yes, we are qualified and able to install heat pump water heaters, and have been doing so for more than 20 years.

7. Do you provide service and maintenance of heat pumps?

Yes and no. Heat pumps consist of two distinct components:

  • Storage hot water cylinder (and componentry)
  • Heating module

We are qualified and able to service the componentry and hot water cylinder part of a heat pump, as these are similar in almost every way to an electric storage hot water cylinder and components.

On the other hand, the heating module of a heat pump incorporates refrigeration componentry that should be serviced or maintained by a duly qualified refrigeration mechanic/ technician (which we are not). 


8. Do heat pumps make much noise?

The fan and compressor fitted to modern heat pumps make less than 55 dBA of sound, which is quieter than a typical conversation. When standing on the other side of a wall or door, the sound level drops to 35–40 dBA (less than a refrigerator). Still, locating the heat pump away from bedrooms and living areas can help diminish any potential sound issues.

9. Where should a heat pump water heater be located?

Heat pump water heaters generally require access to plenty of fresh air from outside. Therefore, most heat pump water heaters are best installed in an outside location. With some models, the storage tank can be installed in a garage, laundry, or storeroom, with a separate compressor and fan unit installed outside. Nevertheless, you should try to locate your heat pump as close as possible to your main areas of hot water use, such as bathrooms, laundry, kitchen etc. That way the hot water pipes will be shorter, which helps to reduce the time it takes for hot water to reach the taps and minimise heat loss.

10. What are the main installation considerations for a heat pump water heater?

Compared to gas and electric storage water heaters, heat pumps have some unique installation considerations, including location, size, air exhaust, and noise from the fan and compressor. Heat pump water heaters expel air that is cooler than its surroundings, therefore it is not recommended to install them indoors in rooms that are frequently occupied. When installed outdoors (or in a garage), size of the unit (height and diameter), noise, and location in proximity to sleeping and living areas should be the main considerations.


11. What should I do if I have a problem with my heat pump water heater?

Contact Kalamunda Plumbing. We will send someone to identify the issue and fix if possible. Or if it’s still under warranty, we can arrange for a warranty repair or replacement.


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