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An Up-close Look at Gas Storage & Gas Tankless Water Heaters.

Gas storage tank water heaters are no strangers to Western Australians, nor are they going away any time soon. And then along came gas continuous flow systems, giving you something new and different to factor into your decision-making process.

Let’s take a close up look at what distinguishes one type from the other.

New Gas Storage Water Heater

Natural storage tank water heaters remain a popular choice amongst Australian home owners, and for several good reasons:

  • Comparatively low upfront costs
  • More energy efficient than electric water heaters
  • No time-of-day tariffs
  • Lower greenhouse emissions than electric
  • Multiple tank sizes so Kalamunda Plumbing can recommend the right size system for your needs and budget

Not sure if your home is connected to a natural gas main?  Contact us today today and we’ll help you find out.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless (also known as “instantaneous” and “continuous flow”) water heaters are constantly growing in popularity. That’s because they provide several important advantages over storage tank models, gas or electric:

  • Far more efficient than storage and instantaneous electric systems
  • Hot water provided on demand, which means no more waiting for the water to reheat between showers
  • All the hot water you need since there’s no storage tank that can run out
  • No risk of bacterial growth, so you can save money by heating the water to 50°C
  • Can also be fitted with temperature controllers
  • Wall-mounted thus providing more storage space

Contact Kalamunda Plumbing today for more information about gas storage and gas tankless water heaters. Also, be sure to request a free in-home proposal and estimate.

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