Bottled water may be a nice convenience, but it’s not a solution to anything. In fact, quite the contrary – it’s an ecological menace.

Consider the following:

Okay, so perhaps right now you’re thinking: “Okay, that sounds bad, but I recycle my empty bottles!” Even if that’s true, you are in the minority.

But at least bottled water is cleaner than tap water, right? Sorry, but you get a buzzer if you said “yes”. That’s because about 40% of all bottled water is regular tap water. And yet bottled water costs up to 500 times more that municipally-provided tap water.

Are you at least convinced that bottled water tastes better than tap water? Not so fast, because in blind taste tests around the world, consumers consistently cannot tell the difference.

Boiling it all down, what’s a careful and thoughtful homeowner to do? Well, if you really want to drink and cook with the cleanest water possible, a home water filter is the way to go.

Here at Kalamunda Plumbing Group, we can outfit your home with an under-sink or whole-house water filter. Either way, your water filter will:

What’s the right water filtration solution for your home? Contact Kalamunda Plumbing group today to request a FREE in-home water quality consultation and proposal.

Hard water is a common affliction impacting Australian home owners far and wide. First, allow us to reassure you that hard water poses no threat to your health or safety. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem to be reckoned with.

How would you even know if you have hard water conditions? Here are some of the telltale signs:

What’s the solution? A whole-house water softening system from Kalamunda Plumbing Group. We are water treatment specialists with the right solution for every family’s needs. That includes ensuring you have the cleanest and healthiest water to drink and cook with, too.

To learn more about water softening and filtration, contact Kalamunda Plumbing Group today. At your invitation, we’ll visit your home and provide a free new system estimate.


We all use bottled water at one time or another to satisfy our need for “clean and fresh”.

But legions of people across the land overdo it, thus creating an ecological menace.  Consider these very real and alarming statistics:

For those occasions where bottled water is your only clean water solution, please recycle.  But for just about every other clean water need, a home water filtration system makes infinitely more sense.  These are the two types we recommend and install most often:

More Benefits of a Home Water Filter.

To learn more about your water filtration options, contact Kalamunda Plumbing today and ask for a free in-home consultation and new system quote.

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