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Let the Power of the Sun Help Reduce Your Energy Costs by up to 80%!

If you have a gas or electric storage tank water, you pay dearly for the privilege of having hot water when you need it. Typically, in fact, electric water heaters consume more electricity in your home than anything except your heating and cooling system. And maybe your pool pump.

If you’re at the point where you’ve had it up to “here” with energy bills, Kalamunda Plumbing can demonstrate how a new solar water heater can reduce your hot-water energy costs by up to 80%!

The cornerstone of your system will be roof-mounted solar collectors. They’re job is to harness the power of the sun to heat the water contained in your ground- or roof-mounted storage tank.

While a solar water heater can provide up to 80% of your family’s hot water needs, what about the rest of the time? Don’t worry, we have that covered, too, with you your choice of a gas or electric booster for those cloudy days when the sun just won’t cooperate.

Flat-Plate Collectors | Evacuated Tubes

There was a time when your only option for collecting solar rays was flat-plate collectors. But now you have the option to outfit your solar water heater with evacuated tubes, instead. These are rapidly gaining in popularity and, once you consider the following, it’s easy to understand why:

  • With more surface area exposed to the sun, evacuated tubes are better sunlight collectors than flat plate systems.
  • They’re 163% more efficient in transferring heat in Western Australia’s solar intensive climate!
  • Also efficient in subzero temperatures.
  • If a tube breaks down, it can be easily and affordably replaced.
  • Outperform flat-plate collectors in overcast conditions.
  • Don’t have the same corrosion problems.

Even though evacuated tube systems can cost more than those with flat-plate collectors, is the added cost worth it?  Kalamunda Plumbing can help you decide.

Save 15% on Our 5-Year Service

Solar water heater manufacturers recommend major service every 5 years. It’s designed to help your system run better, require fewer repairs, last longer, and continue to deliver maximum energy savings.

Click here to complete a brief form so we can contact you to schedule service – all for your added convenience and benefit.

More Solar Water Heater Options

Whether you choose a system with flat-plate panel or evacuated tube solar heat collectors, you still have these additional options:
  • Roof-mounted storage tank
  • Ground-mounted storage tank
  • Electric boosted
  • Natural gas boosted
  • LP gas boosted

Additional Solar Water Heater Benefits

In addition to saving up to 80% to heat your home water supply, here’s what else you gain when you switch to solar:

  • A clean, green and renewable energy source
  • No greenhouse gases, so less air pollution
  • The amount of electricity saved is far greater than the amount used
  • Longer lifespan than storage tank water heaters
  • Help increase the value of your home

Solar Rebates | How a Solar Water Heater Can Pay for Itself

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