Just how dry is it in Western Australia?blog

Well, for starters, we are host to the three of the ten driest locations in our country: Warburton is 6th, while Denham and Monkey Mia are 9th and 10th respectively.

In the next group of 10 driest places, Western Australia is listed a whopping six times. So it behooves all of us to be ever-diligent in conserving water and to continually look for new ways to do so.

Here at Kalamunda Plumbing Group, we’d like to suggest five water conservation ideas that you could put into practice immediately:

  1. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving. After about two weeks, you will have formed a brand new and highly eco-friendly habit. Until then, why not put a little sticky note in the bathroom to remind you and other family members.
  1. Don’t run the faucet while washing dishes. Instead, fill up a basin with sudsy water, let the dishes soak, and then rinse them all at the same time.
  1. Report or fix a water leak immediately. A dripping tap can waster 20,000 litres of water in just one year. And that’s exactly the kind of waste that none of us can afford.
  1. Always run full loads in your dishwasher and washing machine.
  1. Add a cistern displacement device to your toilet to reduce the amount of water consumed per flush.

Looking to conserve more water in your home? At Kalamunda Plumbing Group, there’s a lot we can do to help. Contact us today or anytime to learn more.

When you live in the driest country in the world, as we do here in Kalamunda and Mundaring, every bit of water savings counts.

There are countless ways to do that and, however obvious they might be, little reminders never hurt.  So, for example, don’t leave the water flowing while you shave or brush your teeth. Cut your daily shower short by one minute. Fix leaky faucets and toilets. Install low flow shower heads. And wash your dishes in the dishwasher instead of by hand.

Yes, washing a full load of dishes in the dishwasher actually uses up to 35% less water than continually running water and hand washing them. Newer dishwashers use 20% less water than older models for even greater savings.

And yet, there are even more ways to conserve dishwasher water:

At first, new water and energy saving can techniques can seem like a real pain.  Over time, however, they become habits:  the kind of habits well worth keeping.

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