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Understanding Burst Water Pipes, and Where They Can Occur.

When we think of something bursting, we tend to think of balloons, car tires, an erupting volcano…in other words, something spectacular with real shock value that can be seen, felt and heard.

Burst water pipes aren’t always like that and, in fact, more often than not will occur out of sight, such as beneath floors and underground. Water  pipes also can burst when you’re sleeping, at work, on holidays, or away from home for any other reason.

Where Burst Water Pipes Can Occur

There are numerous potential consequences stemming from a burst pipe, including a “sound,” increase in your water bill, loss of water pressure, or reduced hot water temperature. Burst pipes also can lead to outdoor or indoor damp patches…even a major flood in the kitchen or bathroom.

Here are more potential burst pipe scenarios presented on the proposition that “forewarned is forearmed:”

  • Hot or cold-water pipes, indoors or out. As the first steps in correcting the problem, Kalamunda Plumbing will determine “which” and then “where” the burst or leak has occurred.
  • A burst or leaking pipe to occur under floors or inside walls, under baths or inside vanity cabinets, in ceiling spaces or between floors.
  • And then there’s under brick paving and/or under concrete paths and driveways (or asphalt).
  • Burst pipes can be found under trees, shrubs, flower beds, cubby houses, garden sheds and behind retaining walls.
  • Where else can pipes burst? In and beside leach drains due to a lack of “sleeving” or protection, just as two examples.
  • And then there are small and large property sites, as well as strata and multi-level complexes.
  • While burst pipes can occur on small and large lots, they often occur on the latter due to incorrect or cost-saving installation methods and substandard materials. Often inexperienced installers also make no provision for cold-weather contraction or, conversely, warm-weather expansion.

Burst pipes not only cause hundreds, even thousands of dollars of property damage, they can also result in enormous amounts of wasted water. Minor but persistent leaks also can occur that barely register on the water meter. For example, a persistently dripping tap will barely register on a water meter but, left unattended, it could leak almost 10,000 litres of water per year. If you have a dripping tap and a leaky toilet cistern, they can waste enough water (per year) to fill a small swimming pool.

We’re barely scratching the surface as to where and how burst pipes can occur and we haven’t even touched on “why”:  all the more reason to hire Kalamunda Plumbing for the job.  We’re the family business you can count on to locate and resolve any water leak (including a dripping tap) or burst pipe problem at your home or business.

Tell-tale Signs of a Burst Water Pipe

How can you tell if you’re being affected by a burst water pipe? Here are a few of the more common tell-tale signs:

  • Your water bill has jumped a lot higher than seems normal.
  • Check the water from the tap. It should be clear and tasteless. If it has turned cloudy or brown, you might be dealing with a cracked, leaking, or burst pipe.
  • Observe the water pressure. If you’ve noticed a drop in pressure, check to see if it’s been caused by a hole or split in a visible pipeline. If you can’t locate the source, Kalamunda Plumbing can do it for you.
  • Your front or back lawn has turned squelchy.
  • You notice soft patches and depressions in the ground. Your lawn might be looking much healthier in some areas than others, despite your efforts at watering evenly.
  • Brick or plastered walls have developed a salty or fluorescence affect or feel damp to the touch.
  • Outside paving, bricks or concrete around your house are damp and may even be unstable.
  • Water is bubbling up between pavers, between cracks in concrete, or simply out of the soil.

If you’re planting new trees and shrubs, take care not to plant them along the alignment of your water main as roots may be likely to “strangle” or cause a pipe upheaval that can split water pipes, thus potentially resulting in massive leaks or bursts.

Contact Kalamunda Plumbing for Burst Pipe & Water Leak Remedies  

We don’t just repair or replace leaky or burst pipes, we can locate them precisely with the best and newest leak detection equipment. More importantly, we’re highly skilled in its use.

Have a problem you want investigated…whether you expect one might exist or you can see it plain as day? Contact Kalamunda Plumbing: the leading burst pipe and water leak specialists throughout the Hills and Eastern Suburbs.

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