Different Options For Water Heating Systems

For a long time, hot water systems have flown below the radar until something goes wrong and when need to look for alternative heating systems. After all, whatever decision you make between water heating systems, you need to remember that it is an investment and you can’t afford to make mistakes. To save time and money, we’ve decided to give you a little helping hand on what to look for when getting a hot water system.

The Electric Hot-Water System

Available just about anywhere, electric hot water systems have the same running costs in relation to electricity rates. They are relatively easy and cheap to install – as long as your existing system is electric. Make sure that you check with your electricity supplier whether you can access an off-peak tariff for this system; that way you’ll save power and on running costs. Should an electric system be out of the question, you can opt for a heat pump hot water system which is more energy-efficient.

Gas Hot-Water Systems

A much cheaper option is gas, which is often recommended for continuous-flow systems. To get the most out of a gas hot water system, you will need to make sure that you have piped natural gas on your property. Make sure you check with your provider because not all parts of Australia have an abundant supply. If you want to use LPG gas, just remember that it costs three times more than natural gas.

Solar Hot-Water Systems

Solar systems often use either gas or electric boosters, and sometimes heat pump systems too, to heat water stored in an insulated tank. Solar hot water systems can fall on the expensive side, particularly when installing them. If you’re getting a new build or want to turn your home into an eco-friendly hub, solar hot water systems are the way to go.

Which System Is The Best?

It all depends on you and your needs. Speaking to a professional like the team at Kalamunda Plumbing can help you make better and informed decisions. Our team has the insights and experience required for these systems. We’ll help you pick the right system and also install the chosen system effectively. Call us on 9291 6000 today.

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