The Pros And Cons Of Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water Systems

As solar is already an attractive alternative to traditional water heaters, you’d think it couldn’t get any better. Well, it can!

By boosting your solar system with gas, hot water will always be readily available, come rain, shine, or night time. It acts as a supplemental water heater to ensure you get the most out of your solar hot water system.

Before looking into upgrading your current hot water system, do yourself a favour and get to know the benefits of gas boosters. You won’t regret it!

To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled the most notable pros and cons of gas boosted solar hot water systems.

Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water System Pros

Significant Savings

As solar systems use the sun’s natural rays as a source of free energy, installing one could slash your monthly energy bills in half. In fact, solar systems can pay for themselves within six to ten years!

Nowadays, the STC rating of most gas boosted solar water heaters is actually the same as for electric boosted solars, and even less for some brands. Therefore tested and deemed by the CER to be no cheaper running costs. Because solar gas boosters have to be set to heat the water coming from a solar HW tank to 70C and therefore use a shit load more gas than when used as a separate stand alone continuous flow gas HWS.

The best part? Gas boosters are easily retrofitted onto solar storage tanks and quickly increase their efficiency.

Better Together, Whatever The Weather

Whether you’ve used up your sun-heated water or there was no sun to begin with, you’ll always have hot water. Once your gas booster detects a drop in water temperature, it’ll automatically ignite to provide instantaneous heating.

Environmentally Friendly 

Going solar helps you protect our planet, as it offers renewable, clean energy. On the other hand, conventional hot water systems generate heat by combusting fossil fuels. This produces harmful greenhouse emissions, pollutes the air, and contributes to climate change!

Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water System Cons

Initial Upfront Installation Costs

The costs involved can make any homeowner think twice about getting the system installed. However, it’s important to remember that in the long run, your system will pay for itself!

Fossil Fuel Combustion

Unfortunately, a gas booster involves fossil fuel combustion and may not be the best choice for die-hard environmentalists. But, all is not lost! Natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels available, producing 50-60% less greenhouse gas emissions than the rest.

Now that you’ve seen the evidence, you can make an informed decision for yourself! Whether you choose an electric, gas, heat pump, solar, or gas boosted solar hot water system, our team at Kalamunda Plumbing has the expertise you need. We offer all manner of hot water system services, specialising in solar systems for over 25 years!

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