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Bio Clean and RootX Are Now Available from Kalamunda Plumbing Group

You know when most people call us for sewer or drain services? Right after a problem has already occurred. But now we can help you avoid problems in the first place with two highly effective and organic sewer and drain products: Bio Clean and RootX. Bio Clean is equally effective at preventing and clearing up an already-blocked drain. With regular applications, you can keep sink and tub drains running free and clear. RootX, on the other hand, kills tree and shrub roots inside your sewer lines while preventing future growth…and all without harming the plants themselves. Contact Kalamunda Plumbing Group today for a home supply of Bio Clean or to schedule a RootX application.

Or, if you currently have a blocked sewer or drain problem, contact us now to request service, which includes our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Did someone say “nuisance?”


That, to say the least, is how our customers feel any time they’re faced with a blocked drain problem. And yet, our technicians feel no greater sense of accomplishment than when we make any such nuisance disappear.

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about just any blocked drain issue. At Kalamunda Plumbing, we have the training, experience, and sophisticated tools to take care of large and small problems alike, and that goes for your bathroom, laundry, kitchen, and even outside drain lines.

CCTV Cameras

One way to ensure fast and accurate solutions is to locate the exact extent and location of the drain blockage. And the best way to accomplish that is with our CCTV drain cameras. If it’s a simple blockage, we know exactly what tools to use. If there’s a bigger problem, such as a cracked or broken sewer drain line, once again no time will be wasted in deciding upon the proper course of action.

Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning

Kalamunda Plumbing uses hydro-jet drain cleaners to pump a power-packed stream of water into the blocked drain line to clear the problem there and in any connecting pipes. This is not our usual first course of action, but when the job calls for a little added power, we have our hydro-jetting equipment ready to get the job done quickly and thoroughly…from one end of the drain line to the other. Commonly, this cleans drains far better than a mechanical drain machine and is often used to assist with far more serious blockages.

Mechanical Drain Cleaner

Mechanical drain cleaning is the technique we employ most often when the drain blockage is caused by tree and shrub roots that have infiltrated a drain line. At the end of a long drain cable is a very effective cutting tool that slices through those roots and other debris and pushes them through and out the drain. Sometimes, when faced with clearing “hard wood” tree roots, the only solution is the cutting tool of a mechanical drain cleaner. We have the right size and type of cutting tool for every size drain.

Drain Line Repair & Replacement

If you’re having your drains cleared on a regular basis, there’s a good chance you have a cracked, broken or sagging drain or sewer line.

Cracked, leaking, and broken drain or sewer lines need to be repaired or replaced or you’re just throwing money down the drain, so to speak. Once again, Kalamunda is up to the challenge. And that can include repair or a new drain line installation.

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