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A blocked sewer or drain can be messy…and that’s on a good day.

If extensive enough, the problem can cause water and structural damage to your home and property, and that can add up to a significant repair bill. And suddenly, it’s a REALLY bad day.


Well, how about something – or, more precisely, someone – with a long history of making peoples’ days: Kalamunda Plumbing Group. In a nutshell, we are all the sewer and drain cleaning company you’ll ever need. Not just the people who finish what other people started. More importantly, we’re the people who get right the first time, so there doesn’t HAVE to be a second.

Here’s a quick look of what weoffer you in and around the shire of Kalamunda:

  • Experienced in sewer AND septic systems
  • FREE Drain Camera inspection with every drain clearing job
  • Every job completed to your 100% satisfaction
  • A 6-year workmanship warranty on drain repairs and installations
  • Highly trained sewer and drain cleaning pros with all the best and latest equipment at their ready disposal
  • Excavation services, if needed
  • And much more

Here are just a few of the sewer and drain services we offer:

  • Sewer and drain pipe video inspection to determine the exact location and extent of the problem. This frequently leads to faster and more affordable solutions.
  • High pressure water jetting to break those blockages that resist all other means.
  • Sewer and drain line replacement. At Kalamunda Plumbing Group, we employ plastic-based PVC piping to prevent future root invasion. Plus, PVC pipes won’t crack or dislodge like other materials can and will.
  • No-dig pipe relining to make small repairs without having to dig up your lawn, driveway, patio, etc.

Click here for more details on our sewer and drain cleaning services, or call us now for prompt scheduling and professional results. At Kalamunda Plumbing Group, that’s the only way we know how.

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