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The time for renewables is here. Solar is now officially the cheapest energy source there is worldwide. Start enjoying the benefits of going solar today with your own solar PV system.

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Save up to $2,500 pa

People who’ve been using PV solar panels for their energy needs save as much as $2,500 in power bills every year.

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Since 1992, Kalamunda Plumbing has been a leading provider of Solar Hot Water Systems to thousands of households throughout Perth’s Eastern Suburbs, thereby assisting those satisfied customers to meet their hot water demands whilst reducing their energy bills.

Along the way, we have been asked on countless occasions if we could also provide Solar Energy Panels.

Finally we are pleased to announce that we are able to provide a range of Top Name solar energy panel Brands, in financial partnership with a highly experienced local West Australian Supplier.

How Much Can You Save With PV Solar?

As a general rule, based on 65% power usage in the day and a 6.6kW system installed. If bills are $300, a 6.6kW system would save about $1,150 a year If bills are $500, a 6.6kW system would save about $1,850 a year If bills are $700, a 6.6kW system would save about $2,550 a year

Below table shows an estimation of the generation in 1 year for a 6.6kW system.  Savings are based on 100% usage which is almost impossible, no shading and a North roof, in Perth.

What Size System Do I Need?

The typical Australian household is well served with a 5kW solar system with 15-20 panels.

Other vital factors to consider:


Consider your daily activities and any appliances or electronics you use regularly when deciding on the best system for your household.


The number of people in your household is a major factor in computing your total energy requirements.


In determining what size of solar system you need, you also have to calculate how much you expect to save monthly or yearly.

The good news is that you don’t have to crunch the numbers by yourself. Our Solar specialists will sharpen their pencils, ask the right questions and workout what system suits best for your unique situation.

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PV Solar Panel Supply & Installation

PV Solar Panels

Solar Panel Brands

  • JA Solar
  • Hyundai
  • More

Not sure what brand to opt for? 

Don’t worry, our specialists will advise you on pricing, performance, suitability and anything else you need to know.

Supply, Installation & After Sales Care of Leading PV Solar Panel Brands.

Kalamunda Plumbing carries leading solar panel brands like JA Solar, LONGI and Hyundai.

And if you’ve no idea how and where to start, we can advise you, assess the space allocated for your solar PV system and calculate your energy requirements. We can then recommend the appropriate models and brands that best fit your needs and budget.

We’ll also ensure that the roof space designated for your solar PV system is an optimum spot that receives the most sunlight for the greater part of the year.

We can also base our assessment and installation on the time of day you require energy the most.

If you use more electricity in the morning, then the best spot to install your PV panels would be on the east side. But if you work more in the afternoon, we’ll recommend the PV installation to be done on the west side to get the most afternoon sun. This way, you’re assured of getting the most value out of your solar panels.

If there are special concerns, such as installation in an apartment building, you would need permission from the strata body. Else, we can just proceed with the installation work.

Once done, you can start enjoying energy savings right away, for a really long time.

Solar PV Product Warranty

Solar Inverter Supply & Installation

Inverter Brands

  • Solis
  • Delta
  • Huawei
  • Fronius
  • More

Not sure what brand to opt for? 

Our solar specialists are happy to help you with price and performance info to make it easier for you.

Get the Best Inverters on the Market for Maximum Performance with Kalamunda Plumbing

The solar or PV inverter is a crucial element of any solar PV system. Its function is to convert or turn the variable direct current (DC) produced in a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating or 240V current (AC).

The AC electricity is what gets fed into your home and powers up your appliances. It can also be fed into a commercial electricity grid or used in a local off-grid electrical system.

At Kalamunda Plumbing, we only use best-in-class solar inverters for optimum performance and maximum energy efficiency.

So, if you’re ready to go solar and start saving, give us a call today!


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