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In a perfect world, do you prefer one-size-fits-all solutions? When you really think about it, those aren’t solutions at all – unless you happen to get very lucky.

The fact is that for most of our purchasing decisions, we prefer options along with the knowledge and ability to choose wisely. The more complex the purchase, the more we also feel the need for expert, unbiased advice.

Welcome to the world of new and replacement water heaters. Never before have you had so many options to choose from, and nowhere will you find anyone better qualified to help you choose, design, and install the perfect system for you.

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Gas water heaters use natural or propane (bottled) gas to heat water. A chamber filled with water is heated by burning the gas, much like a pot on the stove. Also, gas generally costs less to heat water than an electric unit.

By contrast, residential electric water heaters use an electric emersion coil to change electric energy into heat energy. In either case, you have the choice of a storage tank or “on-demand” (tankless) continuous flow water heater. Both have merit, it just depends on the capabilities and efficiency of your energy supply and what’s best for your needs.

At Kalamunda Plumbing, we recommend and install several high quality brands, including:

  • Rinnai Infinity. In the early 1990s, Rinnai launched the first fully-electronic gas continuous flow hot water system in Australia. Appropriately named the Rinnai INFINITY because it never ran out of hot water, it not only revolutionised the market, but also domestic hot water as we then knew it!
  • SolarGain. SolarGain is a relative newcomer to the solar water heater industry, with just about 20 years of manufacturing experience to their credit. But as humble as the company’s origins might have been, this Perth-based manufactured has blossomed into an industry leader known for their strong focus renewable energy products. SolarGain has well more than 30,000 installations to their credit in both the residential and commercial markets. The company offers an extensive range of high quality solar power and inverter water heaters that have certified to the appropriate ISO 9001 Quality. In Addition, SolarGain is a BCSE (The Business Council for Sustainable Energy) Accredited member of the Clean Energy Council of Australia.
  • Rheem. Whatever your situation, Rheem has a water heater that’s ideal for you. Designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards, Rheem has been building high-quality units for decades. As such, generations of Australians have grown up relying on Rheem to provide their families’ hot water needs.
  • Vulcan. Vulcan has been warming Australians for years in home heating and hot water. Like Rheem units, Vulcan gas and electric water heaters are forged tough for Australian conditions.

Kalamunda Solar Water Heaters2

It wasn’t that long ago that solar hot water heaters were looked upon with roughly the same level of skepticism that the horseless carriage (aka, the automobile) first received.

They were considered ugly, expensive, and incapable of generating enough hot water for the average-size family, especially under cloudy skies.

That was a long time ago. And this is now. The fact is, you have numerous choices when it comes to purchasing a solar water heater, including roof- and ground-mounted tanks, gas- and electric-boosted versions, as well as solar units with and without panels (see Heat Pump Water Heaters below).

And let’s not forget that your purchase can help you qualify for hundreds of dollars in government rebates and tax incentives.

Solar units are reliable, more than capable of giving you all the hot water you need, green to the extreme, have come way down in price, and more.

Kalamunda Heat Pump Water Heaters3

Heat pump water heaters consume 65% less energy than electric storage tank models. That makes their eco-friendliness comparable to solar water heaters.

Heat pump units employ advanced refrigeration technology to extract latent energy from the air. This energy is then converted into the heat that furnishes your hot water supply.

Which Water Heater is Right for You?

Let’s find out together, shall we?

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