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Thinking about changing your old hot water system? How would you like to save over 70% on the cost of heating your water?

Who wouldn’t, right? The difference is this: not everyone can deliver such a desirable end result. But we can!

If you’re replacing an old hot water system, it can be tempting to simply get the same type as you had before. Right? But these days there are all sorts of different systems you can choose from, each with different features and benefits, and different running costs. So it’s important to consider your options. And when it comes to more efficient alternatives, both heat pump hot water systems and solar hot water systems have the lowest running costs (Source: Australian Energy Foundation).

But when it comes to picking either a heat pump or a solar hot water system as an upgrade of an old gas or electric hot water system, we recommend installing a heat pump for a number of reasons:

Benefits of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

  • Heat technology makes efficient use of the heat in the surrounding air, even at temperatures as low as -7°C.
  • Heat pump hot water systems can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric or LPGwater heaters and are so efficient that they can provide a power saving of over 70% to heat water volume by comparison and that equals less carbon emissions.

Heat pump water heaters…

  • Are so efficient they can convert 1kW of electricity into over 4kW of heat.
  • Their clever concept is what saves money in the long term.
  • And attracts Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) similar to a solar hot water system.
  • But don’t have the need for solar hot water panels.
  • When connected to electricity solar panels (PVs), are even more efficient. 
  • Thereby saving even more money in the long term.
  • Are easier and quicker to install than solar hot water systems.
  • Will easily connect to your existing hot water plumbing.
  • Are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Have fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional electric or gas water heating system.
  • Are a great way of decreasing your carbon foot print.
  • Work effectively in lower temperature areas and in tree shade.
  • Unlike solar hot water panels, don’t need a northerly orientation.
  • Are ideal for unit and strata sites.
  • Because they are less obtrusive.

Kalamunda Plumbing is an Authorised Distributor of Top Quality  Enviroheat Heat Pumps

Enviroheat Heat Pump

Enviroheat heat pumps ( air sourced solar) are made by one of the world’s largest appliance manufacturers Haier, that is the parent company of the likes of Fisher and Paykel and GE Appliances (amongst many others). Their heat pump product was initially introduced into Europe over a decade ago and has a proven performance in temperatures as low as -7°C. It offers the best performance of any system in its class with up to a massive 71% saving in energy when compared to a conventional electric or bottled gas water heater.

The ENVIROHEAT HP system has undergone rigorous testing and has been certified by the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator. ENVIROHEAT HP’s inclusion to the CER Register allows you to claim generous government rebates and dramatically reduce installation costs.

The ENVIROHEAT HP series comes in 200L and 250L sizes and has an advanced control system that is feature packed and above all, easy to use. It can be programmed to maximize the use of rooftop solar power systems (PVs) whilst not compromising a plentiful supply of steaming hot water when you need it. The automatic sanitisation feature ensures that your family is safe from legionella and other water borne bacteria.

The combination of whisper quiet operation, smart controls, superior UV protection and generous government rebates makes ENVIROHEAT the natural choice for an energy efficient home.

Enviroheat HP Warranty For your protection and reassurance

Enviroheat Heat Pumps come with 5 years tank and compressor warranty and a 1 year warranty on labour and electrical components and pressure valves, thereby offering a warranty with substance and peace of mind when choosing an Enviroheat heat pump.

 Download Enviroheat HP Brochure

How Heat Pumps Work

The Heat Pump principle is a simple concept, brilliantly executed. It works on a refrigeration principle similar to that found in a fridge – but instead of pumping heat out of the fridge to keep it cool, they pump heat into the water.


  • A fan is used to draw outside air into the heat pump evaporator which contains a special refrigerant gas that is stored in the piping.
  • The warm air turns the refrigerant from liquid to gas.
  • A compressor pumps the refrigerant gas through a valve which compresses it. The result of this process is heat generation.
  • A heat exchanger moves the heat through the gas pipes wrapped around the storage tank and transfers it into the water.
  • As long as the outside temperature is higher than the cold refrigerant, the heat pump will absorb heat and move it to the water.
  • And can provide reliable hot water 24 hours a day, even on a cold day.

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Is a heat pump water heater the best possible choice for your family, home and budget?

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Perhaps the biggest consideration when comparing the purchase price of a heat pump to a standard electric hot water system, is that once the higher energy efficiency and STC credits for a Heat Pump are factored in, the break-even time is less than 3 years for the average family. Over the life of a heat pump hot water system this will give you an electricity saving in excess of $3000.

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