Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Hot Water

Knowing as much as you can about solar hot water is crucial. With the varying ranges of solar hot water systems, you will need all the help you can get. If you’ve ever had questions about solar hot water, Kalamunda Plumbing can answer some of those burning questions. If we haven’t covered a question that you may have, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with us.

What Is The Advantage Of Using Solar Hot Water Systems?

Solar thermal energy is widely used in Australia, especially in domestic residences. They’re used for water heating because they provide efficient and economical solutions to the average home. The sun’s heat is used to generate hot water, and thus, you’re using fewer fossil fuels and other associated greenhouse gas emissions to supply electricity to do the same thing.

How Does A Solar Hot Water Roof-Mounted System Work?

Solar hot water system collectors are placed on the roof of a building, usually facing in a northerly direction. When the sun heats the water in the collector, this water is stored in a tank. There are instances where flat plate systems are installed. The water tank may also be located on the roof; however, in the case of an evacuated tube collector, the tank will be found at ground level. With a process called thermo-siphoning, the hot water rises naturally on the tank, which is then transported to the house via a gravity feed or a pump.

I Have A Solar Hot Water System, But The Water Isn’t Heating, Even When The Sun Is Out. What Is The Problem?

This scenario is pretty simple to answer; you need to call in a plumber to check the installation. If the systems weren’t installed correctly, solar heat gain could be hindered, and the water in the system will not heat up. However, if you have an electric booster, the water will start heating.

There are many more questions you might have about solar hot water systems and boosters that we haven’t covered here. We would love to hear from you so we can address any concerns or answer any general questions you might have. Get in touch with one of our professional plumbers at Kalamunda Plumbing today.

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