Four Tips to Improve Your Solar Hot Water System

Solar hot water systems are an excellent option for Australians who want to reduce their heating expenses at home. Generally, these systems are reliable and user-friendly. However, regular maintenance is crucial to sustaining their life span. Here are our top tips for keeping your solar hot water in good working condition.

  1. Clean The Tank Regularly 

Solar hot water heating systems use the sun’s rays to heat water with large panels that are generally placed on the roof of your home. The solar hot water tanks should be cleaned often to work efficiently.  Washing them with soap and water to remove any droppings, dust and grime is the simplest method. Refrain from using chemical cleaners or abrasive scourers so that the panels don’t get scratched or damaged. If you find it difficult to DIY, hiring a solar panel expert is the best option.

  1. Trim The Trees Back

Trees are a great addition to any property, but they cast shade on solar collectors which reduce its efficiency. Make sure that you cut or trim trees back to avoid shadows on the solar collector. This job is best done by a professional because it’s dangerous for anyone inexperienced in tree trimming.

  1. Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating pipes in a hot water system is a great way for ensuring that water doesn’t lose heat while moving through the pipes. Make sure that pipes are wrapped in foam insulation and be sure to check the condition of the foam every few years because its ability to hold heat during cold seasons can decrease.

  1. Lookout for Leaks 

Sometimes, even though you do everything by the book to maintain your solar hot water system, there are chances that a leak could develop. Pay attention to the pipes for any new leaks. If you see pooling or dripping, call in a solar hot water system maintenance service immediately.

There’s nothing better you can do other than getting your solar hot water tank serviced. Make sure that you have a reputable plumbing specialist to schedule service checks, like Kalamunda Plumbing. You can rest assured that the system will be kept in exceptional condition, all the time.

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