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We offers expert plumbing throughout the Eastern Suburbs

Delivering expert plumbing throughout the Eastern Suburbs

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Reliable Indoor Cooling Services…from System Maintenance to Replacement

Evaporative cooling systems were built to last a long, long time. While the average life expectancy is 15 – 20 years, there are plenty of systems in the Eastern Suburbs that last between 15 and 25 years old.

That doesn’t mean older systems are running as efficiently as ever.  In fact, we can guarantee you they’re not.  That’s why it’s good – perhaps even great – to have Kalamunda Plumbing – in your corner.  We’re a known, family-owned and operated business founded in 1954. Chances are we’ve served you before.

Better yet, we are your complete resource for evaporative cooling system maintenance, repair, and installation.

Evaporative AC Maintenance | Evaporative AC Repair

If you’re looking for maximum efficiency from your home’s evaporative cooling system, annual preventative maintenance is the key.  Ours comes in the form of a thorough cleaning and inspection to ensure your system is capable of running at maximum cooling efficiency without sacrificing important health and safety features.

Our high-quality technicians maintain all makes and models of evaporative cooling systems and use only the best parts and material for your added peace of mind. That helps prevent problems down the road, potentially the costly type.

When a repair issue does arise, you can count on Kalamunda Plumbing for what we’re known for: prompt, dependable service with your satisfaction guaranteed.  We carry numerous parts on our trucks to help expedite completion and get you back to a cool, comfortable indoor environment just as quickly as possible.

For evaporative cooling maintenance and service at its best, turn to Kalamunda Plumbing: a leading service provider throughout the Eastern suburbs.

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About Kalamunda Plumbing Plus

Kalamunda Plumbing Plus

In 1954, Wally Jones had a strong desire to start his own plumbing business, and a vision of how it should be run. Great plumbing work? Of course. But to “Dad”, it was always far more important to remind his customers that no matter what, he’d always be there for them – just like we are for you today.

As one of the largest plumbing and water heater maintenance companies in the region, we are uniquely qualified to offer you more solutions and in a more timely fashion than other area plumbing companies.

The many strategic alliances we’ve developed with manufacturers and suppliers gives us an edge in buying power, too. We obtain preferred pricing savings that we’re able to pass along to you.

Give us a shot. Call today.

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