While clogged sewer and drain problems come and go, some linger longer than others. And those are the ones you should be most concerned about.

Let’s say, for example, one or more of your toilets keeps backing up. Unless you have some very careless family members who fail to mend their “evil” ways, you could be facing a deep-rooted problem – something we mean quite literally.

A chronically blocked toilet could be a sign of an underground sewer blockage. If that proves to be the case, you have two basic choices: have your yard excavated to gain access to the source of the problem or contact Kalamunda Plumbing for our trenchless pipe repair and replacement service.

One small hole replaces a dug-up trench. Once the job is completed, you’ll barely notice the disturbance, but you will notice a free-flowing sewer line again.

Here are more benefits of trenchless repair vs. excavation:

If you have a blocked drain or toilet problem that just won’t quit, contact Kalamunda Plumbing today. We have the experience and resources to track down and resolve, no matter how extensive the problem might be.

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There are plenty of things that can go wrong with household plumbing.  A sudden loss of hot water, a leaky faucet, blocked toilet, and so on. They’re all annoying, to say the least.  But most people would rank a clogged drain at least among the top three of home plumbing problems.

Well, if you hate dealing with blocked drain problems as much as the next person, why not take a minute or two to learn how to prevent such problems?!

  1. Pour 250 ml f baking soda into a measuring cup and pour most of it down the drain, saving a little to sprinkle over the drain net or removable strainer.
  2. Next, pour an equal amount of distilled white vinegar after heating it up a bit in your microwave. The steam gives the mixture of vinegar and baking soda added effectiveness.
  3. Once the vinegar has been poured, you’ll see the mixture bubble indicating the cleaning process is in full force.
  4. Let the vinegar and baking soda site for at least five minutes to ensure a thorough cleaning.
  5. When time is up, turn your tap on to flush the drain using warm water. Let the water flow for 30 – 60 seconds.

Will this procedure guarantee you’ll never encounter another drain or toilet blockage? Sorry to say it won’t. But it will help reduce the frequency and seriousness of future blockages, and that translates into fewer headache-causing plumbing problems.

Still, when a plumbing or drain problem requires professional assistance, Kalamunda Plumbing will be ready and able to assist you. Just we have been starting in 1954.

Mature trees add beauty and shade to landscapes, but their roots can cause extensive damage to sewer pipes. Roots penetrate and continue to grow inside, because there they find an abundant supply of what they thrive on: water, nutrients, and oxygen.

Once root build-up hits a certain point, it can’t help but cause toilet and drain blockages. You struggle to clear the blockage and get frustrated when your efforts bear no fruit. And, if you bring in the wrong plumber, they won’t be able to help, either, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay for the service call…more on that later.

For now, here’s what you can do to prevent root blockage and kill the roots that already may be inside your underground sewer pipe:

How Do You Know if You Have a Root Invasion Problem?

Your plumbing has a way of letting you know if you already have a tree root blockage to contend with:

How to Fight Drain Root Invasion

Kalamunda Plumbing is the only resource you need to help prevent blocked drains and sewers or take care of an existing blockage. Our Drain CCTV cameras can identify the location, cause and extent of the problem to prevent guesswork and help save you money.  Here’s more:

Have a drain problem or interested in preventing them?  Contact Kalamunda Plumbing today for comprehensive service and upfront price quotes.

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