Evaporative Cooling Systems: What Are They And Why Do I Need One?

Today’s technology is moving away from overly complicated, mechanical configurations in favour of more organic designs that mimic the simplicity and efficiency of nature.

Evaporative cooling systems are an excellent example of this! Using the natural phenomenon of liquid evaporation, they cool your interiors in the most efficient way possible.

In this blog, you’ll learn exactly how evaporative cooling works and what perks you’ll enjoy!

Evaporative Cooling Explained

The natural process of evaporation involves the vaporising of a liquid state substance to transform it into a gaseous state.

In English, this essentially means that a liquid is turned into a gas using temperature or pressure (like how clouds are formed).

For most models, the general way in which they operate looks something like this:

Cool water circulated

Using a pump, cold water is circulated from the internal water tank until it reaches and saturates the cooling pads of your system.

Warm air drawn in

The fan of the unit sucks in the warm, external air from outside of the cooling system. Then, it pushes the air through the air passes to be cooled.

Warm air cooled

This air then passes through the saturated cooling pads. The warmth of the air causes the water in these pads to evaporate, effectively cooling the air temperature.

Cool air emitted

The newly cooled air is then pushed out of the unit by the fan, creating a comfortable room temperature for you to enjoy!

Perks Of Evaporative Cooling Units

Energy efficiency

Evaporative cooling units are perfect for hot, dry climates like Kalamunda! With less moisture in the air, the evaporation process is much more efficient. Thanks to this assured energy efficiency, high energy bills will be a thing of the past!

Fresh air

The most exciting perk of evaporative cooling units is that they thrive when air is circulating. This means you can keep your windows or doors open as long as you need without impact your system’s efficiency or energy bills!

Scorching WA summers or not, you can keep fresh air flowing throughout your interior without counteracting the cooling.

Cool and comfortable

While more traditional air conditioners cool by removing moisture from the air, this results in cool but highly dry air. Perfect for irritating your skin and eyes!

On the other hand, evaporative cooling units promote moisture in the air. This provides a cool, soothing room temperature that won’t dry up your environment.

Evaporative cooling is truly a feat of human ingenuity! After leaving countless happy customers in their wake, our technicians at Kalamunda Plumbing know precisely how these systems can benefit you.

Whether you need an installation, repairs, or maintenance, call us! We’ve got the expertise you need.


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