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Here’s How We Make Everything Better While Saving You 15% on Solar Water Service and Repairs.

When it comes to solar water heater service and repair, you want a company that knows their “stuff”. A company that can service and repair any solar water heater brand, any model, and has a track record of 25 years-plus to draw. In and around the Eastern Suburbs of Perth, there’s only one company that gives you all that and more:  Kalamunda Plumbing.

When you choose us, you choose a company that can and will:

  • Service and repair a wide range of solar water heater brands and models.
  • Make informed and thorough diagnosis in order to provide priced options for service or repair, or replacement if you prefer.  
  • Maintain your system with utter thoroughness, including 5-year service.
  • Offer Discounted Service when you book on-line.  

Don’t just install and forget it.

Unlike more common types of water heaters such as gas and electric, solar hot water systems typically achieve much hotter temperatures which puts a lot more stress on the system and therefore regular servicing and maintenance is most critical.

What can go wrong with your system that bears a watchful eye? Here’s a sampling of what we check for:

  • No solar gain – little or no hot water temperature even on a hot day
  • No booster gain – failed booster element and/or thermostat
  • Malfunctioning gas booster or circulating pump
  • Leaking booster elements, pipes and valves
  • Hot water dumping – profusely leaking or continuous gushing TPR valve on  a hot day
  • Leaking absorber panels or panel connectors
  • Low water pressure
  • And more

The good news for solar water heater owners is that you can save 15% on both servicing and 5-year preventive maintenance by booking on-line. Just complete and submit the form below. In turn, we’ll contact you to schedule your appointment and ensure you and your solar water heater get the attention you both deserve.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: purchase a replacement solar water heater from us and you’ll receive a FREE annual check-up for lifeClick here for details.

As always, we welcome this opportunity to serve your home plumbing and comfort needs.

Complete this form and save 15% the next time we provide solar water heater preventive maintenance.

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