4 Signs You Have Hidden Leaks And How Water Leak Detector Services Help

Plumbing systems can spring leaks when you least expect them! Repetitive dripping, flooding, and water stains are obvious signs that you’ve got a plumbing problem.

But, sometimes leaks surface where you least expect them.

From underneath concrete floors to behind walls, inside ceilings, and underground, you could have hidden leaks quietly damaging your property!

Without the help of water leak detector services, you’ll find yourself in hot water! Just to locate the leak and see its severity, holes will need to be dug, damaging your floors and making a mess.

But, before we delve into how water leak detection can help you, it’s important to be sure that you need it. Here are four signs of a hidden leak.

#1 Big Water Bills

When a hidden leak hits your home, you’ll be wasting water (and money) without even knowing it! If you’re slapped with a suspiciously high water bill, you’ve likely got an undetected leak.

Considering something as simple as a leaky tap can waste up to 20,000 litres of water per year, it’s easy to see how high your water bills can spike.

#2 Mould And Mildew

Undetected hidden leaks don’t dry fast enough, creating moisture. And where there’s moisture, there’s mould and mildew.

Unfortunately, these frustrating fungi can cause respiratory problems. Considering the current Coronavirus crisis, you’ll want to hire water leak detector services ASAP!

#3 Pesky Pests

Where there’s moisture, there’s also pests. Keep an eye out for pest infestations, as the moisture from hidden leaks softens building materials – the perfect place for pests to eat and burrow!

#4 Foundational Damage

The malicious moisture caused by hidden leaks quickly degrades the structural materials of your home. If you notice any peeling paint, rotten wood, or corroded metal, it’s time to call in the cavalry!

How Water Leak Detectors Help

Today’s technological advancements have made the latest military tech accessible to the average Aussie plumber. Choosing one who’s armed with electronic water leak detectors gives you access to:

  • Thermal imaging (infrared cameras)
  • Acoustic ground microphones
  • Moisture meters

Using thermal imaging, your plumber will identify heat signatures (or surface temperature changes) to search for cold spots caused by leaking water evaporating.

To supplement this and be sure, acoustic and sonar listening leak detectors will be used to listen for leaking water within solid surfaces.

Topping it off with moisture detection devices, even the most elusive leak won’t escape.

The best part? No digging needed!

If you think you’ve got a hidden leak on your hands, don’t waste anymore time or water! Call us at Kalamunda Plumbing. After years of finding finicky leaks with the latest in electronic water leak detectors, no leak can escape us!

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