Solar hot water service is like no other – gas or electric, storage or tankless. As such, it requires highly specialised training and a unique skill set to provide the kind of maintenance, repair and ireplacement services you and your family can rely on.

For the past 3 decades, Kalamunda Plumbing has been the leading advocate in the sale and servicing of solar water heaters throughout the Hills and Eastern suburbs, resulting in an expertise and knowledge base second to none.  You needn’t take our word for that. Just ask friends and neighbours who have solar hot water and it won’t take long before you encounter one or more who once relied on us and continue to do so.

As a result, we have developed an unmatched ability to service and repair an extensive variety of brands, including:

There are many more brands we service and repair, that you may not be so familiar with.

When the time comes for replacement of your solar hot water system, we can offer systems with either stainless steel or vitreous lined steel tanks and we’ll guarantee your system is installed correctly to help ensure problem-free performance. What’s more, we offer a free annual check-up of your system. We think that’s especially important for roof-mounted systems, since “out of sight” can easily become “out of mind”.

During our FREE Check-up, we make sure your Booster, Safety Valves and Solar Absorber Panels are in good working order and that the Hot Water Cylinder is free of leaks. We also carry out a basic clean of the absorber panel glass to help your system get the most benefit from the sun.  In the past we have even assisted owners by discovering issues just before their warranty ran out.

And we can also provide that all-important 5-Year Service, so necessary for solar water heaters and regardless of who you purchased it from.

The Importance of 5-Year Solar Water Heater Service

Solar water heater manufacturers recommend major service every 5 years. We echo that advice to help your system perform at its best and last longer.

Solar Water Heater Repair

Here’s a statement of the obvious: even with precision installation and ongoing maintenance, your solar water heater won’t last forever. No water heater can.

Which means that if you keep it long enough, sooner or later a repair issue will arise. Common solar service problems include:

Stay Comfortable.  Choose Kalamunda Plumbing.  

For the best in solar water heater maintenance, repair, and replacement services, there’s one clear choice: Kalamunda Plumbing. Contact us today for any solar hot water need.

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